Night Performers

A performer is someone who uses their skills; amuse and entertain spectators. Odd performers are those people who have some extraordinary talent or skill and use it to entertain crowd of people. Listed below are some such peculiar performances.

Night Performers

fire dancing
Night performers are those people who through their antics amuse people at wee hours of the night. These involve all kind of performances ranging from drama, theatre, dance, stand-up comedy, circus, singing and much more. At times the best of talents has been noticed through these platforms; who then later make it big in their respective field of art. These podiums become a point of entertainment for the audience; but for the performing artist it is a source of income and a stage of showing their talents to the world.


Dance is said to be a way in which the body expresses its self. A form of art which is applauded by all but with precision can be performed by few only. If fire enters this expression, then it becomes a talent with danger which requires a lot of practice. Fire dancing has now become a separate branch of dancing, learned, practiced and enjoyed by many. Basically, it involves the use of such equipment which has wicks attached where fire is erupted, using these equipment as props while dancing gives the entire scene a visually amazing look created by fire. Fire is now used in many forms of dancing, be it classical, juggling, contemporary, and twirling. One of the most dangerous forms is to eat and breathe fire between performances.  


Another rare form of dancing or specifically art is contortion-ism. This is basically the art of bending the body, contortionist display flexibility of their body by turning and bending them in various angles. These performances are given in front of live crowds who are mostly awestruck after viewing the moves of the artist. This form has also been incorporated in almost all dance forms and is done both; in the form of troupes and individually. The flexibility shown is to an extent where it seems as if the performer has no bones in their body. These artists from a very young age start practicing and developing such moves which give their body and muscles such unusual tractability. 

Both of the above-mentioned forms of art are fun to watch and applaud but are extremely dangerous to perform. As fire is one hazardous element and then dancing with it is an extremely risky work, which require precision as one wrong move than result in high degree burns. In the same manner one wrong move while bending or twisting in contortionism can bend or break bones and result in injuries which cannot be cured.  

These artists reach to this point after a lot of hard work and immense practice. Therefore, apart from clapping and rejoicing on their skills, one should respect them with full heart as they risk their lives and bodies every day to provide pleasure to many and earn money. 

A quick check in and thank you to an unexpected night warrior

It’s been a little bit since I had a chance to sit down and post. Summer has just been crazy busy with flights across the country and family camping trips etc.. I’m sure most of you had a similar summer, so don’t judge, lol.

A few months back I started this blog to give tribute to the individuals who work nights in industries across the board. I started by paying tribute to our public workers such as Police, Firemen and EMT. This group has very strenuous job and all so we can be safe and enjoy, life.

As I post more here on this blog we will get into the Artists that keep us intrigued and entertained.

The private businesses such as restaurants and bars, to include experiences with employees, that helped ensure we had a fun time.

Taxi cabs, Uber, Lift all the above, this set of private businesses help us get home safe and often the rides make for a few good stories 🙂

Today I have to post about an unexpected category, one I didn’t plan on, but through a recent personal experience I have to recognize this often overlooked category.

I was in Florida this past month visiting Friends who recently moved close to Sarasota. What beautiful part of the country, tons of culture and miles of beach.  We had a fun trip, there is so much to do there and the beach we rented a house on was incredible, Siesta Beach is likely the best beach I’ve ever visited.

What a cool town the attractions were something else. We visited The Ringling, which was the old home of the Ringling Brothers Circus guy. They have an amazing museum which had art of all kinds. Some he and his wife collected and some newer, a big Asian art section and a beautiful garden of roses outside.

From there we visited the Mote Aquarium, what an amazing place. They have ths huge Shark tank, yeah the kid loved that, well it was my favorite also. But the manatee’s and the stingrays you could pet were pretty sweet also.

Well it had been a long day and well past dark when we finished dinner and we’re driving back to our rental home. As the kid was asleep in the back and the wife and I laughing about the events of the day, Bam! A rear tire blew. I mean it was loud, woke the boy and all. Well we made it over to the side of HWY 41 and had to think quick. well you know we had to figure out a solution, quick or not  🙂

Thankfully, cell service was good, so we called the rental company who were Jonny on the spot! They assured us they knew just who to call and they would be at our location shortly. So we stayed on the phone negotiating a bit until the tow truck got there. We ended up with a pretty sweet deal 🙂

But thenn we come down to the night time warrior, or at least I would nominate them 🙂 the Tow Truck Drivers. Seriously, I know sometimes we have a chip on our shoulder against them, well that’s if you parked in a no parking zone 🙁 But, when we need them well they sure do come in handy 🙂

Let alone the horror stories of strange drivers and shady deals. In reality these are some of the best characters to deal with. Yeah I’m sure there are the shady bunch, as with anything. But most work 24/7 and are always available for the motorist in trouble.

The driver that showed up was incredibly professional and super helpful. He even had a candy bar for the kid. He found a new best friend. He quickly got our tire changed, which of course was a small dinky spare, He went above and beyond to follow us down the road to our exit. Being we were only staying a few blocks off the highway, it made everyone feel a lot better. Knowing if something happened to the joke of a spare, he would be there to help. If your ever n Sarasota and need tow vistit this towing company site for excellent service. Thanks again!

The next day the rental company gladly exchanged our car and we were off to play at the beach once again 🙂

Again, I wasn’t planning a blog recognizing tow truck drivers as night time warriors, but after ths experience I couldn’t help it.

If you have any suggestions or great stories please send them our way. We would be glad to review and share if they are appropriate, think PG-13.

Until next post, have a great Night Life!

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