June, 2017

ER Nurses and the late night Hospital Staff

Just like the security guards on night watch and the chef cooking your favorite breakfast dish, or the baker making your early morning bagel roll, ER Nurses work hard late in the night to protect lives while we’re all snoozing away in our beds. They are always on guard for late night emergencies; no matter how late.

Late night work is a common practice among medical practitioners in hospitals and clinics, not just for ER Nurses. While the responsibilities for both day and night ER workers may remain unchanged, however, the night shift is usually more challenging. This is because of the slow-paced atmosphere around the hospital, as well as the condition of the body during odd night hours calls for a lot of adjustment as they (ER nurses) constantly have to fight against a natural schedule. Two major problems confront them- getting a lot of sleep during day time (which is not easy), and staying alert at work during late night hours (which is even more difficult).

Sleeping a lot during the day will often lead to irritability issues which can potentially result to even more severe medical conditions involving the heart, blood or muscles. Likewise, sleep deprivation at night also exposes ER nurses to mistakes like giving out the wrong dosage or something even worse. Notwithstanding, we need our ER nurses as well as our security guards on patrol and other night workers because life wouldn’t be the same without them.

So, if you are an emergency nurse who does the late night thing, there is need for you to work out your own survival just like you are helping others survive. Here are some advices to help you stay healthy and alert, notwithstanding your night challenging job.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Once you program yourself to sleep during day and stay awake at night, do everything possible to stick to it. Even when on holidays, stick to your schedule. With time, your body system will learn to adapt to it.

Get enough light

Light signals helps to keep your brain alert. So, whenever you’re at work, try to expose yourself to a lot of light. If possible, keep a light box around. This will help you to stay alert.

Create time for your Family

Making out time to be with loved ones when working a night job can be a challenge because, you are probably going to be less active during the day. Family is very important, so you have to make out time your kids. Talk to your kids about your work, and let them know why it’s important for you to sleep most of the time during the day. Set times to be in their company, including your husband.

Keep yourself busy

The slow paced atmosphere in the night can be very dull. If you must stay active, then you must look for ways to keep busy. When there is no more work to do, you can do some extra work to relieve the nurses that will be working during the day.


Thanks again for keeping the night watch and our cities funtioning.

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