June, 2016

The ones who allow us to enjoy the night safely!

Full Moon Performers


When we talk about full moon performers we have to mention the ones that are at our service, day or night.  So this article will focus on the public servant specifically here in Boise Idaho. Future article s will focus on events, businesses and artists. However, since the jobs described in this post are so important for a properly functioning community, I felt it important to pay tribute right up for this special group.

One of these extremely important professions and ultimately public servant is the Police Department. I represent Boise Idaho so I a big thanks to the Boise Police Department. As well as the partnering cities and state troopers. You all do a fantastic job at keeping our community safe.

Sometimes feel they don’t get the respect they deserve. Check out their statistics here which they have posted through 2015. Some trends they should be proud of and we should be thankful of include burglaries are at a record low and continue to decline. As well crashes involving Bikes were at a five-year low, showing the awareness campaigns have made a significant impact. Overall more people are calling for service while 911 calls are down. While arrests are up by nearly 14% for both felony and misdemeanors, good job BPD!


**** Thanks a Ton Blue!!!****


Fire Fighters would be the next profession to come to mind, at least my mind.

We have an excellent Department here in Boise who is not only very responsive but involved in the community. They are continuously expanding due to this areas rapid growth. In fact they will be breaking ground on Station No. 8 June 30th 2016. Congrats and we look forward to the new LEED certified station.

Many people don’t realize how much goes into a Fire Department. Of course we have the Chief then also the Operations and the Fire Prevention.

The Operations side consist of numerous engine companies, 16 at this point. Three truck Companies and Three ARFF or airplane response vehicles. Those fires get hot! There are over 250 firefighters at 17 stations. Their coverage area spans 125 sq miles with 218,000 residents. The Operations side includes multiple divisions such as EMS, Logistics, Training and Special Operations. Special Ops here in Boise consists of a Dive Team, Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighters, Tech Rescue and HazMat. None of which sound like your everyday 9-5. A big thank you to you and the entire Fire Department. These guys stay busy, responding to nearly 23,000 calls in 15’.


The Fire Prevention side is made up of positions involving public education and safety. A highly important part of creating a safer community. Rather it’s the Fire Inspector or the permits office without these proactive positions we would probably see many, many more fires here in Boise Idaho. They run programs to educate the youth on the dangers of fire and to respond if in a fire Situation. Other services such as Wildfire Mitigation, which is extremely important in the high desert region we live in.

In my area we have a ton of wild fires every year, high desert right. Well let’s not forget the Forest Fire Fighters who literally work all night long… They sleep on the ground and eat camp style for weeks. So hats off to your fine folks, both men and women.


****Thanks a Million Red and Yellow***


The other not so celebrated and poorly paid. Yet, highly valuable professionals are our local Paramedics or ambulance drivers and technicians. Assisting the above professions in emergency and non-emergency situations each and every day.

We absolutely appreciate your diligent work and dedication in keeping our injured and troubled citizens to a hospital ASAP. I know you get paid less than you should and many of you work two jobs or own businesses you run on off hours.

Personally I recently encountered a fantastic paramedic. We had been in a car accident, not our fault I swear J Either way, my wife had a non-life threatening injury. But you would have thought she was ready to die J A gentleman named Jim was extremely compassionate yet no BS. He calmed my wife down assed the situation and secured her injuries. They rushed us out to the local ER and she was taken great care of.

On our ride I started talking Jim and he explained this was his night job and he ran a business on his off hours. I was blown away, how do some people do it. He must work 18 hours a day and he had a wife and kids. I couldn’t help but ask about his business and I just became his next client. He runs a great crew of lawn care experts in Boise and I would absolutely recommend giving him a call or click to visit his Boise lawn care site.  Jim was a stand up guy and handled our situation very well. Once I called him for service he was prompt and had someone out to my property the same day. He was working his paramedic job, lol. That’s cool cause I know his attitude and drive is threaded throughout his life to include his company.

I think we have a great community and many of us think of all night performers as entertainers, events clubs and the like. But honestly we can’t have any of those things, at least in the long term if the professionals listed above did not serve our community. So I thought before this blog get into the more entertaining and fun aspects of night life we needed to pay tribute to the ones that allow us to enjoy the rest of life.

There are many more public serving positions who work late at night or even overnight, and we appreciate you all. I will try to touch on these professions as this blog progresses. I don’t get paid for this, so I cn only type for so long, however much I like it J

Until next time, thanks for reading the blog and please send your comments or suggestions for blog posts to info@fullmoonperformers.com




Welcome all to my new website fullmoonperformers.com which I’m excited to build out as a dedication to all those who work the night shift. Check back soon for more content!



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